Neurodiversity education

We're all in thistogether


We’re all neurodiverse to one extent or another. And we’re all part of a community.

We’ve seen how a commitment to neurodiversity inclusiveness positively impacts individuals and communities all over the world. Now it’s New Zealand’s turn.

Let’s work together to actively leverage our neurodiversity for the greater good. Let’s educate all New Zealanders about the benefits of neurodiversity by coming together to share the neuroscience, the research and our own lived experiences. Let’s all work to create psychologically safe environments where everyone can contribute and flourish.

Together we can change the neurodiversity conversation from a negative focus on ‘disorders’ to celebrating, supporting and valuing the opportunities different ways of thinking can bring. We have the power to turn a social stigma into a standout advantage.

DivergenThinking is committed to investing in our communities directly as well as through our work with our partners, government, businesses, recruiters and educators. If you feel there is a specific need in your community you believe DivergenThinking could help with, please reach out to us.

Like to help?

We are always on the look out for other ways we can spread our message. If you think you can help, please get in touch.