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Two years of COVID chaos has dramatically impacted our children’s schooling. Combined with the many other challenges, uncertainties and disruptions we’ve been faced with, it’s no wonder many of our children are anxious about returning to the physical school space.  Many teachers and parents will also be experiencing similar concerns.

Now we need to focus on reestablishing everyone’s excitement for learning and connecting at school.  In order to do this we need to actively support the mental wellbeing of our students, teachers and our parents.

This can be done by prioritising the creation of psychologically safe classrooms and schools for everyone’s differing needs where learners and educators can thrive.

Reintroducing children to the classroom post COVID lockdown will have its challenges. DivergenThinking’s Thriving at School in a COVID World course gives you valuable insights into the thoughts and feelings that drive the behaviour of different brains in different circumstances.

Armed with this knowledge and a tool kit of strategies and approaches, you’ll have the opportunity to get your students back on track and create a safer, more engaging, more dynamic learning environment resulting in increased learning opportunities and decreased behavioural challenges than you had pre-COVID.

One of the keys to this is maximising the power of the anxiety we’re experiencing. Anxiety can be a powerful asset and ally when you learn how to turn it to your advantage. We’ll explore that in this course as well.

The Getting SELF online learning course is a prerequisite to this course providing you with the foundations you need to make the most of this online learning programme.

Like any meaningful change or endeavor, the journey begins with ourselves.