Bubbling away…

by Oct 8, 2021News

Despite the lockdown, our brains continue to bubble away

The on-going assault of COVID-19 continues.  Not to be thwarted, we’ve been in our own brain ‘bubble’ getting down to business in a very big way. 

Have you visited our revamped website?  If you have…keep an eye on the ever-changing world of neurodiversity that we’re documenting and creating.  If you haven’t…we assure you that the experience will be brain changing and charging.


  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Week is now behind us.  But the work needs to continue particularly now that the country is operating under a Wellbeing Budget and Economy.
  • We proudly took part in two on- line webinars that demonstrated two aspects of our work. Click the links below if you want to find out more and see how our programmes seminars will make a difference to your world.  Even though some of us/you are still in lock down we can create solutions to fit your needs. 

1. Getting YourSELF and Mental Health and Wellbeing 101: 


2. Maximising the Power of Anxiety:       

  • Neurodiversity Roadshow.  Our bags are packed.  We’re ready to go…out to the world with our Neurodiversity Roadshow.  Our plan is to begin these in November.  Again, COVID-19 might put a temporary brake on this initiative.  We’ll keep you posted when we’re ready to roll.
  • Our link with wellbeing? Mental wellbeing (also known as ‘positive mental health’ and ‘flourishing’)is more than the absence of mental illness and it is more than feeling happy.  Someone with positive mental health and high wellbeing is feeling good, functioning well, has  satisfaction with life, is developing as a person, and has strong relationships. Not to mention an understanding and appreciation of our brain and how it/we operate.