Getting SELF
Getting SELF


How to attract and recognise neurodiverse talent.



Local talent is out there! In Getting RECRUITMENT you learn how to attract and recognise the untapped talent in New Zealand that will make a difference for your business.

We start by identifying the cognitive thinking that will best suit different roles and teams. Then we write job descriptions, job ads to match them and create interview questions that will bring out the best during the interview process. Next, we challenge the unconscious biases we all have so we see the true potential and opportunities when reviewing applications and meeting candidates.

Neurodiverse people can provide key insights, skills and unique ways of thinking to a business. With small changes to recruitment will make all the difference.

Alternatively, some applicants may not have the experience you think you need, however international research shows when we know what type of thinking you need i.e., neurodiversity, you understand how they can learn best, and you put the systems and processes in place they can learn in half the time and be 40 – 138% more productive than your neurotypical recruit. While other neurodiversity’s ability to big picture system design is phenomenal and can create opportunities for growth you may never have dreamed of.

Learning how to build ‘true’ psychological safety so your employees can bring their authentic selves to work every day builds mental health and wellbeing, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.
Many of these skills are key to hiring for any role. We all have diverse brains and having a neurodiverse approach to hiring can result in finding incredible employees.

Interactive Workshop

This workshop is focused on expanding skills learnt in earlier sessions. At the conclusion of this programme individuals will learn how to:

● Identify the brain wiring you need for the role you have
● Write job descriptions and job ads to ensure you attract the talent that best suits the role to ensure success for the individual and the team
● Recognise the brain wiring you are looking for in a phone or face-to-face interview
● Create ‘true’ psychological safety during the interview so you bring out the best in your applicant

During the workshop individuals will further develop tools with the goal of completing the programme with a range of tools in their toolbox for different situations which they have practiced using to build competence and confidence.

During the workshop recruiters will identify the brain wiring best suited to role success. Learn to appreciate strengths and to recognize challenges and manage unconscious bias that could impact their decision-making.

Getting SELF

Leaders and influencers i.e., people and capability, project managers, client interfacing IT, finance etc, anyone who needs to influence others in your business

Cohort numbers
Face-to-face workshop min 8, max 15 per cohort

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