Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in with the people around you?
Do you find yourself getting easily overwhelmed?

Not sure why?

…then let me share something that could literally turn your life around like it has for many others. There is a large percentage of the population that do not know they are dealing with neurodiverse challenges.

60% of the world’s population are considered to have ‘balanced neurotypical brains’.

74% of people with ADHD have marriages that end in divorce, and this statistic would be very different if they had the right tools or support.

This means there’s a whopping 40% of us that are dealing with neurodiverse challenge and many of us continue to create a path of destruction without ever knowing why there’s a recurring pattern!

Unfortunately many people continue to struggle through life as they never pinpoint that they’re dealing with neurodiversity. Many parents may pick up neurodiverse behaviours with their kids, and statistics show that for every diagnosed child there is usually at least one undiagnosed parent!

Even if you aren’t personally experiencing challenges, there is a very high chance that someone in your friends, family or workplace are silently begging for support and to be understood. Life can be really tough when someone is carrying such heavy burdens when it all can be turned around with the right tools or support, to create the right environment and recognise they have some hidden superpowers.

Neurodiverse people can achieve huge success either on their own or as an important player within a team.Plenty of successful entrepreneurs have ADHD because of their ability to connect things that most people can not see.They can be very creative and great visionaries as they only see the picture of what they want to achieve and do not activate their prefrontal cortex, which stops them from projecting all the potential small details that could lead to failure, which explains why many businesses fail in the first 3 years.

Richard Branson said he owes a lot of success to his dyslexia, and Steve Jobs had an extreme attention to detail and had obsessive-compulsive personality disorder or OPCD. Richard and Steve are on very di erent sides of the ‘Diversity Quadrant’.

Each of us has a unique brain composition which can be fully optimised in the right situation and can reignite someone’s flame, passion and drive to live an amazing life.

At DivergenThinking, we all have our challenges and have been through a lot collectively and truly know how much of a burden it is when you do not have the right tools, understanding or support.

We know that this information, in the right hands, can have such a dramatic positive impact which is why we are reaching out to you today.

We have created a brand new course to help you to get a better understanding of neurodiversity and tools to take into the real world to empower yourself and others.

Course Content

Led by DivergenThinking’s Co-Founder, psychologist and neurodiversity expert Anton Ashcroft, this course will help you understand how your brain is wired.

First and foremost, we take the shame out of any challenges you are facing, whether that be in a working environment, interviews, university, or just in life.

From there, we guide you in how to adapt your style to others to better demonstrate your strengths and meet your own needs.

What You’ll Walkaway With:

  • Better understanding your strengths
  • How to play to your strengths
  • Better at managing challenges
  • Better understanding of how other
    people work
  • More confidence in yourself