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Mental health

and wellbeing

Getting SELF

Mental health

and wellbeing

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Getting SELF


Everybody’s brain is different, we are all neurodiverse.  Learning how our brain works is the best mental health and wellbeing programme we can embark on.

Getting SELF is the foundation programme for the Getting GOT Series, our specialised offering of programs that lead to individuals understanding their own strengths and challenges, leaders learning to create a ‘True’ psychologically safe environment and employees’ empowered to do their best work and cooperating with others.  In turn, this leads to increases in productivity, innovation and overall wellbeing for employees and for the company as a whole.

Getting SELF starts participants on the journey to learn how their brain works, what motivates them, and why they do the things they do.  It assists with developing insightful individuals who take ownership of their actions and are action orientated to do the best they can.  They will learn how different thinking drives particular types of behaviours, and how to use this knowledge to be their best selves.

Audience / Maximum number of participants

All employees – min 8, max 16 per cohort

Learning Style


1 eLearning

60 min

2 Workshop – face-to-face or online

3.5 hours


1. eLearning

Introduces models and concepts around how we think in an engaging way. These concepts are foundation to all the teaching and learning in this course, allowing participants to begin the process of knowing their brain better. Click here to learn more about Getting SELF Online Course.

2. Workshop

Half day workshop is focused on practising new skills learnt in earlier sessions. At the end of the workshop individuals will be able to:

  • Identify how the human brain is wired, and how that influences our behaviour and decisions
  • Identify our own strengths and challenges, enabling us to make better decisions and
  • Build resilience by identifying triggers and developing tools that enable us to be our ‘best-self’

During the workshop participants will tailor tools to suit their individual needs, with a range of tools in their toolbox for different situations and start skills development resulting in the ability to build greater confidence with new information.


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