Neurodiversity education

Neurodiversity education

Neurodiversity education

Neurodiversity education

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Go Get(ting) It

Embracing neurodiversity is a no brainer. There is a global awakening taking place right now whereby the world is discovering and embracing diversity. Some places are more ahead than others in their understanding and actions. We aim to plug into the fresh thinking and doing that will benefit New Zealand.

Approximately 40% of your current workforce is neurodiverse. Either they do not realise it, or they do not feel safe to tell you and others. On top of this, traditional HR policies and processes make it nearly impossible for neurodiverse individuals to get through the recruitment process and into your organisations.

Internationally this has already been shown to improve employee engagement, mental health and wellbeing, stress and performance.

Having wrapped our heads around the deep, rich and diverse subject matter, we’ve created a number of knowledge-sharing programmes to help the world get neurodiversity. As in understanding and unlocking the ‘brain’ power on offer.

There is a sequence and ‘logic’ to how the material is shared and structured. We can also restructure and retailor information to add value to existing initiatives that might be in place.

This is totally new territory that challenges conventional, and constraining, thoughts and practices.

Those that ‘get it’ ahead of others will reap the rewards.


The Getting GOT series

This is the all-important starting point on the journey of learning how the brain works – How everybody’s brain is different; we are all neurodiverse. In Getting SELF we learn about our strengths and challenges and why we do the things we do. We learn about how ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ drive our behaviours and how to use this ‘power’ to enhance wellbeing and potential.

There are times and situations where not being in step with others can be a threat. Getting OTHERS for leaders and influencers starts from the perspective that creating a ‘truly’ psychologically safe environment is not only necessary, but possible. A core focus of the programme is understanding why thinkers from the different quadrants do the ‘things’ that they do – what motivates them. It help us see first-hand how team members can bring their authentic selves to work every day and develop strong mental health and wellbeing, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

Getting TEAMS brings it all together. Getting TEAMS starts from the perspective that having a ‘truly’ psychologically safe environment can be created. From there anything is possible.

In this workshop leaders demonstrate learnings to date including their growth mindset and further develop their newly acquired knowledge and skills by practising key interactions with their team – from running effective productive team meetings to one-on-one coaching. This builds ‘truly’ psychologically safe teams, who appreciate the diversity of thought in those around them. In turn, this enables individuals to bring their authentic selves to work every day, building mental health and wellbeing, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

For team and organisational success, Leaders need to be accountable and responsible for creating ‘truly’ psychologically safe environments as a first step. From there flows strategies to leverage neurodiverse strengths, enhance decision-making, and understand healthy conflict. Getting LEADERS is designed to identify and empower those who will increase employee mental health and wellbeing and employee engagement, while increasing productivity and innovation.

Once you ‘get’ neurodiversity you’ll see the world in a completely different light. This includes how you can connect with others and how they can connect with you. Local talent is out there! This programme is a practical journey to learn how to attract the untapped talent that will make a difference to your business. Small changes to job ads and descriptions can be dramatic. Neurodivergent people can provide key insights, skills and unique ways of thinking to a business or enterprise.

In the 21st Century, organisations are obligated to provide healthy, safe environments that ensure peoples’ wellbeing. At the same time, those spaces and places that authentically promote HS&W are seeing improved engagement from people relishing a place to be different.

Where they are engaged, proactive and productive. Learning how to build ‘true’ psychological safety enables people in your environment, including employees, to bring their authentic selves to work every day. This builds mental health and wellbeing, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

This programme unlocks ways to tap into a talented workforce or team environment where the evidence of a commitment to wellbeing reaps rewards.

This practical programme and process starts with information related to Getting Self. It then looks at how teams created with neurodiversity in mind, rather than more conventional selection processes, can perform in extraordinary ways.

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